EXPOSED...Wall Street Average Rate of Return Math Shenanigans
with the Real Rate Reporter™

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The Real Rate Reporter™ allows you to
uncover masked losses hidden by averages.

For example, if a prospective client comes to you and they've invested $1,000,000 and lost 20% their balance is $800,000. If they then gain 20% they end that year with a $960,000 account balance.

Their average return is +20-20/2 = 0%.

But in reality they've lost 4%!

The Real Rate Reporter™ allows you to
graphically and mathematically show Wall Street's Big Lie.

This tool allows you to compare known indices (Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, the NASDAQ and ETF symbol QQQ) to a carefully curated select group of high volatility equity only based indexes in the following Fixed Indexed Annuity Indicies:

Barclay's US Tech Index 12%

Barclay's Fortune 500 Vol Control 12%

This tool reveals the truth about the real earnings potential of these market available indexes on a few select limited distribution xes indexed annuities.

Watch this video to see exactly how
(and more importantly why)
the Real Rate Reporter™ works so well:

Put the power of the
Real Rate Reporter™
to work for you!

Simple sells and the numbers DO NOT lie.

The truth will catapult your production and your productivity to new heights.

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Frankly, I am not worried at all about you using the Real Rate Reporter™.

In fact, what I expect is that you'll join the growing army benefiting from mathematical truth and transparency.

OK reasons you might hesitate using the
Real Rate Reporter™ addressed here:

You aren't familiar with the indexes available.

No problem. Everything you want to know is right here.

Indicies. Barclays/US Tech

Indicies. Barclays/Fortune 500 Vol Control

You don't know what fixed indexed annuities
these exciting indexes are available on.

Again, not a problem. Call Justin Porco at 1-800-723-0533

You are an agency or FMO and like this idea, but...
want to protect your recruited agents form a recruiting pitch.

We understand. The products were developed by us so we don't need to get in
your hierarchial way. Call Justin Porco or Aaron Gurskey at 1-800-723-0533.

I'm still not clear on the problem
with average rate of return??

OK. Lets's look at a 10% average annual return investment that lost 23.20%!

Starting Investment: $100,000

Year Annual Return Actual Gain/Loss Ending Year Balance
1 -20% -$20,000 $80,000
2 +20% +$16,000 $96,000
3 -60% -$57,000 $38,400
4 +100% +$38,400 $76,800
Avg. Return: 10% Real Return: -23.20%

Avg. Return

-20 + 20 - 60 + 100


Real Return

$100,000 - $76,800 = ($23,200) Loss

$23,200 / $100,000 = (23.2%) Loss

If you sell safety, you know losses are more powerful mathematically than gains.

The best $497 business investment you'll ever make. The Real Rate Reporter™.

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Lesli can answer all your software and billing support questions.
For product and/or index performance data
call Justin at 1-800-723-0533.


As an added bonus, you'll also receive the
Advisors Guide to Choosing the
Right Fixed Indexed Annuity.
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